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Beyond Wound Management
Fast Healing & Invisible Scarring
First Aid, Wound Care, Surgery or Plastic Surgery

Information intended for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and medical auxiliaries.

Derma GeL® is a hydrocolloid dressing providing a complete and easy wound management through:


- hydrophillic properties (*)

- long term moist environment

- bacterial control

- anti-inflammatory activity

- protective film effect (**)


(*) absorbing wound exudates.

(**) ideal for uncovered wounds or to allow secondaring dressing removal without adherence.


Derma GeL® protects the wound bed from foreign contaminants, and enhances the environment essential to thorough wound healing. Non-cytogenotoxic and non sensitizing, Derma GeL® hydrates the wound bed with a non-drying hydrogel polymer and humectant combination.

Derma GeL® ensures a vital moist environment where epithelial cells are bathed, favoring exponential cell multiplication and migration, increasing wound contraction rate which reduces healing time. The formula maintains its integrity over time without drying out.

Derma GeL® forms a uniform porous barrier of protection, staying where it is applied.

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