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Some manufacturers pay a fortune to celebrities for the “endorsement” of their products. The large amount paid to these celebrities is of course included in the retail price that consumers are... overpaying for! Now, understand why those products are so expensive. What’s funny is that these celebrities “endorsing” other products are using Derma GeL® on their pets, horses, exotics... No kidding !


Some manufacturers pay public relation companies to post countless false-positive product reviews. Now, understand why all these “positive product reviews” seem too good to be true and that when you try the product yourself, you get poor-disappointing results.



From The White House ( ! ) to Buckingham Palace ( ! ), from Hollywood to Sydney – via New York, London, Paris and Tokyo - , Derma GeL® is truly the most trusted, reliable and affordable product for wound care & infection control.

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** According to a study performed by the University of Colorado Boulder that appeared in the Social Influence journal, celebrity endorsements are just not worth the cost. If a product is really good and strong, you don’t need a celebrity to sell it to consumers.


  • Derma GeL USA / Customer care (HEAD OFFICE)(Friday, May 23 2014 2:21 PM)

    **** REPLY FROM DERMA GEL TO PREVIOUS MESSAGE **** Dear David, First of all, we thank you for your time in contacting us to share your experience while using Derma GeL on your cat Boo-Boo. Receiving touching reviews like yours is undoubtedly the most gratifying part of our business. You are our best endorsement, fuelling our motivation and philosophy. Our goal is to provide people with the very best wound care and infection control product on the market at the most affordable price. That is why, we always rejected celebrity endorsements (e.g. Cesar Millan,...) getting a huge percentage on each unit sold (which at the end is included in the retail price and paid by the end user), fake reviews (Facebook, Twitter, websites of sellers,... ) written by the team of a public relation company or by people hired by the manufacturer, false scientific claims, misleading advertisements, etc... People would really be shocked to find out what certain manufacturers are doing in order to try to sale their " average " products at all cost even by using twisted methods. We take great pride in maintaining our philosophy: respecting people and allowing them to have access to the best science has to offer for complete wound management. Once again, we truly appreciate your emotive feedback. Needless to say that the appropriate care and attention you provided to Boo-Boo in combination with Derma GeL were the key to a successful and great recovery. With our best regards, Pablo Fernandez, Director

  • David Kochman (Tamarac, Florida, USA)(Thursday, May 22 2014 2:44 PM)

    A life saving discovery, literally! I don't have a lot of space, so I will try to be as precise as possible. Derma Gel saved my cat's (named boo boo) life. This is not an exaggeration. My 7 year old cat had to have her tail amputated due to a fibro sarcoma tumor, low grade. This area for a cat is very difficult to re-bandage repeatedly. It was so bad that the cat had to go under anesthesia every other day so that the vet could change the bandage. Upon completion of the surgery, he immediately cultured the area. Unfortunately 5 days later the culture came back positive for pseudonoma, which is one of the worst for cats. I had been researching, contacting vets and people all over the globe, trying to figure out an alternative. I was given a second chance through Derma Gel. The cat was being treated orally with baytril at 45mgs per day for a 13lb cat, which was risky as at that dose it could have caused blindness. Topically the culture said only the ingredients in bacitracin would combat the pseudonoma. I still did not have an answer for the necessary bandage changing and cleaning. in one fell swoop this is what Derma Gel was capable of accomplishing. No bandaging required, creates a soft and moist healing while after oxidizing creates a small but secure shell to protect the wound. attacks and kills pseudonoma, and no pain for the cat. The vet waited too long to remove the sutures, so last Wednesday he removed them along with 90% of the granulating/healing process. It was like starting over. He recultured and came back with a yeast infection. Not to fear Derma Gel was here. Since last Wednesday I took the cat off the baytril because eyes became very crusty and leaky. No matter, since then it took 5 days and the wound is healed. There is a small scab that is almost gone now and the cat (still e collared) is looking forward to tomorrow's cone removal, This all within one week, where using the topical and oral antibiotics would not heal for 3 weeks and it looked like additional amputation was the only way left to try again. I am not a vet, nor a salesperson for Derma Gel. I admit I was really scared going against the "regular way". I thank god for giving me the strength to do so, and most importantly to Derma Gel for saving my cat's life. This may seem odd, but now I owe a life, and so if anyone reads this and it helps them too, or you have any questions, please email me. I want to pay it forward.

  • How to get rid of an old scar/keloid ? (Geneva (Switzerland))(Saturday, February 22 2014 5:54 PM)

    Usually, to remove a keloid, it is mandatory to scrap it off surgically (inflicting a new skin wound). However, the tip below is used by professionals on show-horses and it should help to considerably erase an old scar/keloid. STEP # 1 Use a rotating soft exfoliating brush 2 to 3 times a week on the keloid (Olay Pro-X Exfoliating Brush @ ~ $25) STEP # 2 Dip the brush in saline solution regularly to keep it wet. STEP # 3 Leave the exfoliated keloid ~5 minutes to dry naturally. STEP # 4 Apply a thick layer of Derma GeL twice a day. IMPORTANT: exfoliate gently and superficially (no need to cause a new and deep injury)

  • Marlene McCormick (Fife, United Kingdom)(Saturday, February 22 2014 5:00 PM)

    Magic gel anytime my horse has a cut or sore I use it right away and it only takes a couple of days and its healed great stuff ! ;-)

  • WellRoundedRider (CT)(Tuesday, February 18 2014 6:23 PM)

    This is my go-to product for wound treatment. I assist in managing a boarding facility and have used this product on everything from deep lacerations that should have been stitched but were unable to be sutured, to small skin abrasions. Smaller wounds seem to heal closed overnight, deep lacs heal quickly and completely with no scarring. I highly recommend this product

  • Gigi (Atlanta, GA, USA)(Tuesday, June 04 2013 4:43 PM)

    A friend recommended Derma Gel after my dog sustained a brown recluse spider bite. The tissue has died, leaving a large, deep gaping wound (5\" long, at least 1\" deep). My friend is a huge proponent of this product and has used it successfully many times; my vet is not convinced. Should I use it anyway at home (behind my vet\'s back)? It can\'t hurt, right?

  • Lynda Brenckle (Breckenridge, Colorado)(Thursday, May 23 2013 10:43 PM)

    Used this on a horse that opened his lower leg up, stitches were not an option. He is in a pasture and dirt floored barn. No infection ever, and after three months, the wound is closed, scar tissue is at a minimum, and there is no proud flesh - with no debriding. Hair is coming back in. And I have the pictures to prove it. Very impressed with Derma-Gel!

  • D.M. MILLER (Ocala, Florida)(Monday, May 06 2013 6:11 PM)

    I've used Derma-Gel for my tortoises and my dog for many years. It does an excellent job of protecting the wound and healing quickly. It's a slow process to heal wounds on a large burrowing tortoise but Derma-Gel gets the job done. My Great Dane doesn't mind having it applied at all and the hair always fills in nicely leaving no scars.

  • Sacha (Atlanta, Georgia)(Thursday, February 07 2013 10:01 PM)

    I have a fancy rat with some pretty horrific mammary tumors prone to abscesses, infection, and the like. The only thing that clears up the infection and heals the gruesome open wounds that form on the masses is Derma Gel. Words cannot even describe how grateful I am to this product.

  • John O. Roberts (Ellicott City, MD USA)(Friday, January 04 2013 10:47 PM)

    My vet recommended Derma Gel for use on my horse, who is kind of a wild and crazy guy and gets into a lot of scrapes. This product keeps wounds clean and protected, while allowing hair to grow back with no scarring. I recommend it to anyone with a horse who makes you say, \"Now, how did THIS happen??!?\"

  • Momosdad (Bronx,,NY)(Sunday, August 12 2012 4:43 AM)

    This product also works well for dogs. Another vizsla owner told us about Derma Gel after using it to treat a wound her dog had sustained. She shows her dog, and while scars aren\'t disqualifying elements for working dogs like ours, it was important that the hair grew back in the original golden-rust color. It did. Our oldest dog had a fluid-filled lump about the size of a dime on his neck from our younger dog grabbing the same spot when they wrestled. Draining the lump did nothing, a topical antibiotic did nothing -- Derma Gel dried out the lump and made it entirely disappear within 72hrs. Our pointer pup had a small fluid lump appear above one of his eyes; again, antibiotics and topical steroids did nothing. Derma Gel made the lump disappear within a week. I always have two on-hand.

  • Deb (Delta, Ohio)(Tuesday, July 31 2012 7:29 PM)

    Love this product ! I have used this post surgery on a horse, worked like a miracle!